Ginning It Up

In coaching school we learned the access codes to many kingdoms. One of our lessons was about allowing yearning into moments of transition; it is from this place, where still, small voices are able to get heard, that true insight flares brightly.

And I love that notion, in theory. But what if the still, small voice of "what do I want to do" seems content to stay sleeping? What if the depressive's resting state, inertia, creeps over any feelings of excitement and sends yearning to bed with a glass of warm milk?

How to choose what is most juicy, curiosity-piquing, and enticing, over what looks like a practical way forward?

Some days, it looks like getting to work. For a creative person, if often does. The yearning will show up in the pages, on the canvas, in the plans. The answer to "what do I want to do" is to do a little something, and let that lead you on.

What will you do today?