Seasons Change and So Do I

I'm coaching again. I'm also writing for money again. Two comfortable shoes slipped back on. Feels great.

Here's what I've learned about work; it shows up at the right time. My science fiction fantasy book was rejected by an agent this week. I have not always allowed myself to feel the hurt of rejection; like a lot of people, I was taught that vulnerability was weakness, and weakness was an invitation to be emotionally abused.

So in a way, feeling rotten and sad because of professional "failure" (we all know getting rejected comes with the territory) is a new and healthy experience. Guess what? I survived it. I let it wash over me, and it didn't kill me. I'll go out and try again, and again. But knowing it won't open me up for abuse, or send me spiraling into depression (the old way) is freeing. It's worth it.

But what a perfect time to be approached by a new client, and get back to coaching, my calling. And then to have a corporate client offer me a writing job completes the feeling of bounty. 

What does this have to do with you? Maybe nothing. But maybe it shows that along with the risking and the maybe-failing, comes opportunity and reward. I always benefit from coaching. It teaches me at least as much as it does my client. (Sorry! Just a side benefit that seems to be universal.) And getting paid to write serves as a lovely reminder that the ability to put words to a larger message is of value. I love money.

I'm turning into someone who can take my knocks. The Creative Loop has sent few ripples as of yet, that return to me in any concrete fashion. But my new client is one. The writing job in another.

What I would love is for you to find something in the book, this blog, or within yourself that then shows up as results, for you.

Keep trying. You're not alone on the journey.