The Color of August

For me, August has a distinct hue; a wheat-y, soft yellow that symbolizes the final moments of summer. It means the lake is still warm enough to swim but the days are growing shorter. It's the golden shade of trampled grass, strewn with lost sunglasses and forgotten party cups. It is the end of flip flops, lazy bike rides, and salad for dinner. Good thing we took pictures.

August is transformation. It is energy shifting from the sky to the ground, from hot to cold, sunlit to dark. August is the time when we start thinking about light-filled festivals to come, that row of candles from Halloween to New Year's. (Check your grocery store; they already have candy on the shelves, those maniacs.)

Summer is over, and I am thrilled. I wish I had a school to go back to! I'm ready for my locker, can't wait to meet new classmates, and any excuse for new shoes...which tells me something. For me, the need to get out in the world and be around people and get things done has grown from a whisper to a shout. I want a job, with a team, and a purpose outside myself. 

So what should I do?

As a coach, I talk a lot about life balance with clients. We all have needs for health, community, and work, among others. If we go too far toward any one thing, we will eventually suffer. Then the quiet voice of yearning may whisper to us where we're off, what we're missing. If we obey it, fulfillment will naturally occur. But it starts with listening.

I'm hearing in myself a calling out for risk and growth. I don't know if this transition looks like a part-time job or a gig doing workshops, or perhaps some other endeavor that gets me out into a larger world. I will continue writing, every day,  as always. (I am having a fantastic time working on Book 2.) But I crave connection and most of all, productivity. I'm excited to see what this new season will bring.

What about you? What do you yearn for, now that the seasons are changing?