I'm done! (I'll never be done)

One the hardest things to convince creative learners of is the need to celebrate victories. 

My logic (and the logic of cognitive therapists) is that the chemical pleasure of reward reinforces the behavior that caused it. I.e., if it feels good, we'll find a way to do it. So to make creative work a need, a habit, and a reliable muscle, introduce happy chemicals whenever a goal is reached.

But it's tricky, because of course goals are their own reward, correct?

Today I finished my draft. That is to say, the third complete draft of my sci fi novel that I have been working on FOREVER. But it's an obsession, so I'm okay with that. What's harder is the sense that I ought to seal in my satisfaction with some form of reward.

But I do. Daily work is a habit now, though I had to build from literally nothing, when creative narcolepsy limited my stints to fifteen minutes each. But finishing long-term projects is a relatively new behavior for me. And only now, when I have begun focusing enough to actually remember the beginning when I arrive at the end, do I see how important this skill will become.

So I am going to force myself to celebrate. Because continuing to complete the work I begin is key to ever becoming the published author I want to be.

So here goes: HIP HIP HOORAY!

What victory can you get kudos for, today?