Falling Off The Path

There's a kind of loss in our society that few people talk about, but many people feel. It's the dichotomy between being on track, and being lost. Moving toward prosperity and fulfilment, versus flailing helplessly without direction. Sometimes people feel it as being fake, even while their lives look good on the outside.

There is an easy shorthand to the solution for this; courage to fail. But with that comes a necessary grief. If you deviate from easy categorization, expect to feel lonely. The compensation is of course to feel yourself, fully alive and engaged with things you don't need to talk yourself into. 

But the downside is real. I don't think anyone is helped by pretending otherwise. When you say yes to yourself, you say no to the agendas others may hold for you. And there will be consequences. 

If you are struggling with the messiness of being off the expected path, take heart. Like all grief, this will pass into a form that no longer feels overwhelming. I'll let you know if I discover some magic way to circumvent the pain of dismissing convention, but for now I'll tell you this; integrity is its own reward. Expect to feel more real, and more confident, even as the world looks at your choices and fails to comprehend them.

I give you permission to make choices based on your inner voice, letting the chorus of worldly expectation fade into the background.