Practical Action

Creative Practice is a blend of mindfulness with action. Action leads to insight, which leads to planning and commitment, which leads to more action. The result is creative work, increased skill, and a fulfilled life.

I love lists. They really get me moving forward, especially ones where I can check a box or strike through my completed tasks. Here's a list I recently compiled for my own use.

What would you put, on your own list? I challenge you to have fun with this. The ideas is that when the transition into flow is tricky, or monster-inviting, breaking work down into small bits removes the overwhelm. Try it.

One Hundred Actions toward being a published author

(Stash phone somewhere inconvenient.)

1.  Post a blog entry

2.  Start a blog for the book series

3.  Post on the series FB page

4.  Tweet on @Sparkspit

5.  Start a Twitter for the book series

6.  Look at industry news

7.  Set up meetings

8.  Visit book store

9.  Read for X minutes

10.         Write a character sketch

11.         Research tech trends

12.         Free write

13.         Free write to a prompt

14.         Free write within a genre

15.         Outline

16.         Sketch a story quickly

17.         Revise a story

18.         Revise a chapter

19.         Revise a letter

20.         Read a story

21.         Write a fan letter

22.         Work on a chapter

23.         Revise an outline

24.         Create a Lexicon

25.         Seek out readers

26.         Send work out to readers

27.         Check back with readers

28.         Leak a chapter on line

29.         Start a serialized story on line

30.         Research places to post said story

31.         Write a totally new paragraph

32.         Find how-to manuals on genre

33.         Read how-to manuals on genre

34.         Create and revise personal manifesto

35.         Look for classic books to adapt

36.         Submit story to publications

37.         Write agent query letter

38.         Revise agent query letter

39.         Research group meetings

40.         Sign up for mailings

41.         Read mailings

42.         Go to a group meeting

43.         Go to a reading of new work

44.         Go to a book tour reading

45.         Sign up for a class

46.         Attend a class

47.         Correspond with teacher of a past class

48.         Research relevant publications

49.         Access relevant publications (buy or connect online)

50.         Read a relevant magazine

51.         Make a list of possible submission places

52.         Write something crazy just for fun

53.         Write a short piece “in the style of”

54.         Set up a writing group

55.         Set up a cabin retreat

56.         Set goals

57.         Set word counts

58.         Set deadlines

59.         Solicit feedback

60.         Offer feedback

61.         Work on physical descriptions

62.         Extrapolate tech potentials

63.         Extrapolate societal potentials

64.         Extrapolate spiritual potentials

65.         Extrapolate natural world potentials

66.         Create civilizations

67.         Outline a detective story (bare bones)

68.         Outline a detective story (fleshed out)

69.         Outline a caper story (bare bones)

70.         Outline a caper story (fleshed out)

71.         Outline a survival epic (bare bones)

72.         Outline a survival epic (fleshed out)

73.         Outline a war story (bare bones)

74.         Outline a war story (fleshed out)

75.         Outline a thriller (bare bones)

76.         Outline a thriller (fleshed out)

77.         Outline a horror story (bare bones)

78.         Outline a horror story (fleshed out)

79.         Create a main character

80.         Create a villain

81.         Create a maguffin

82.         Create a “problem”

83.         Solve a “problem”

84.         Invent an obstacle to love

85.         Invent the world’s salvation

86.         Make a puzzle, back to front

87.         Play with the concept of time; how can be used?

88.         Make a list of character needs in order of intensity

89.         Ponder the nature of reality (in words on a page)

90.         Ponder the nature of Humanity (in words on a page)

91.         Ponder the nature of Nature (in words on a page)

92.         Research agents

93.         Research cons

94.         Research writing conferences

95.         Meet up with supportive colleagues

96.         Look at graphic novels

97.         Study NASA’s activities

98.         Study NOAA’s activities

99.         Draw parts of worlds, machines, or devices

100.       Post a poem on poetry blog