Sweet Spot

Goal setting is a key aspect of what I call "the creative loop". 

When you delve into your work, notice what's there while working/failing to work, and compassionately evaluate, it's time to set a new intention. Finding the right goal makes the difference between setting yourself up to win, or to get frustrated. 

Of course, there's learning in failure. Sometimes, the choices we make when attempting to discipline ourselves to work are the ones we most need to look at; why did we promise to do something unrealistic, or in conflict with our other values? Why did we procrastinate, get distracted, or create drama?

When you choose work goals that you can actually meet, you'll know you've unsnarled the tangle. 

So, what can you do today, tomorrow, this week, that is reasonable enough to follow through on? 

Once you answer that, ask this: what would make that goal not only doable but exciting, challenging, maybe even thrilling?

The sweet spot for goal setting is right there, between "realistic" and "wow". 

So what is your sweet spot? What lies between reasonable, and thrilling, for you? 

Now, there's your goal. Go get it.