I believe in approaching life intentionally. When you choose a course of action, even if it's to do nothing, the very act of deciding and committing is powerful. Keeping commitments grows self respect, which is useful when the world is volatile. Believing in your own truth will keep you sane.

Right now, this moment, what commitments do you want to live up to? Which were made in haste, or never fully committed to because they're not what you truly, deeply want? If you could draw a new map for the future, leading to your heart's desire, what would that look like?

If it differs from your present situation, you have work to do. And, you have an opportunity to set goals you will joyfully, powerfully achieve.

This year, my plan is to open up to new clients and new opportunities. I have learned enough to put it in a book, but now I'm interested in delving into the territory so illusory that my ignorance keeps me from even seeing it; what I don't know I don't know. I want to shine a light on the assumptions, conventional wisdom, and comfortable illusions of the past. I want to grow.

To that end, I'm ready to coach with all my heart and soul.

So naturally, I've come up with a flat fee to attract new people. $100 an hour, starting with the very first hour. I've dropped my initiation fee, and significantly lowered my rate. Why? Because my curiosity is telling me to.

If you or someone you know has considered approaching me for coaching, now's the time. Not only do I have openings, but I am the cheapest I've ever been.

You can contact me via the button on your upper left.

I hope to hear from you!