Let it Be Fun

I coach a number of college-age clients. It's a great privilege to work with people at a time in their lives when they are poised to take the direction that suits them. Up until now, they've been running on the track set out by others. But the future is up to them.

Scary? Yes. Daunting? You bet.

But also, an opportunity to really listen and respond to the authentic voice within.

For some people, that freedom is overwhelming. Sometimes, in that unfamiliar territory of choice, there's a need to continue to deny oneself the actions that bring joy, laughter, and fulfillment.

Why? Who knows. It could be simply that what is familiar, self-discipline and stress, seems like the safest way forward.

So my job and theirs, is to unearth the values that might seem dangerously exciting but real, and commit to honoring them. Case in point: a young client who dreams of nature, yearns to be outdoors, and wants to spend her career protecting the planet. Guess how often she allows herself to go out and hike, climb, or simply be in a wild place? 

Never. Even though a forested trail is minutes from her door.

If you, like that serious-minded, bright woman, know perfectly well where you want to be but rarely allow yourself simple actions to get there, this is a challenge. She has committed to finding ways to get out and play, to be the person she wants to become.

What can you do, this week, to get yourself in that sweet spot where the real you gets to shine?

Even if it's only for an hour, I hope you'll take that formidable muscle of self-discipline and use it to find your own version of joy. Be it creating something new, experiencing a dreamed-of challenge, or committing to the first steps on the road; do it now.

The freedom to chose your own path doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can also be fun.