Falling In Love (with the work)

I often talk to clients about muscle memory, cognition, and myelin. In other words, we remind ourselves over and over how important it is to WORK. Not just talk about working.

When you commit to a regular, realistically-scaled creative practice, your muscle grows. The work gets easier to dive into, with less procrastination, guilt, and other monster dances.

Over time, with tools like soliciting feedback, deconstructing the output of admired masters, and plain experience, your work itself improves. Talent meets effort, with the result of finished projects.

But none of that is THE BIG GOAL.

I know every big time artist says this. But their lives are already defined by their work. Those of us who have struggled to become every-day creatives aren't so settled. We need to know that the time will come when no effort goes into managing our feelings about ourselves, and our work. But the effort all goes INTO THE WORK.

It will happen. It does happen. It will happen to you. Just keep setting small goals, and meet them. Keep finishing projects. Keep asking for help.

You will fall in love with the work.

And then...all the looping will become a quaint little thing you did back then, like taking your checks into the actual bank, or going to the video store. Your attention will shift. Not to utter, sustained joy. But to matters of work, career, and life, which all demand that you tend that thing you love. Your work.