Mountain to Climb

I was telling a friend, "I feel like whenever I learn something, I have to learn it for myself and everyone else."

He said, "You sound like you're on Seinfeld."

I laughed hard, and threw a paper napkin at him. He was right. I do sound a little whiney about this situation. But it's still TRUE.

If I go into territory I want, but fear, to makes it a lot easier if I can report back to you, and my clients, about what has been learned. And always, my clients come to me with aspects of the journey I need to learn about. They challenge me as much as I challenge them.

So, what is this treacherous climb? Going pro. Getting paid in a real, tangible way, for my creative work.

I will report how it goes. And if you have a similar quest, please let me know. We can hold hands.