Social Media and Safety

I had the good fortune to spend some time with a newly-published author recently. The outpouring of love for this young woman was inspiring, and spoke to her readers' deep need for her message.

Like many modern voices, my author friend - let's call her Willa - is out there on social media, especially twitter and instagram. Most of her ardent fan base knows her from her many outspoken, candid posts.

Here's the thing, for anyone who works outside of boundaries, letting strangers into their thoughts, postings, and their unguarded authenticity; it can be too much.

One thing Willa and I talked about was how as she becomes a bona fide celebrity, and she is charismatic, brilliant and prescient enough to pull that off, in my opinion, she will need to learn boundary setting. She will have work to do on finding real silence, privacy and safety.

Most of us have some presence on social media. Let's vow to learn safety as we leverage this amazing communication tool. We need Willa, and others like her, to be heard. And to do that, she as a living organism must be kept safe.