Putting Myself Out There...as a Geek

As a coach, my obsession was learning what worked to get people, including me, unstuck. What helps a (artist, entrepreneur, filmmaker) writer pursue their work without the crippling self-doubt and internal brokenness I felt? 

I spent a decade on this problem and as you know, I wrote this book about it.

But now, after almost three years of focused, intense, steady work on my fiction, I have results to show there as well. I have put a medical-detective-science-fiction story up on Wattpad.com. Yipee! People are reading it. And, at least a few are liking it. If you are interested, please find me there and check it out. 

The point of this post, however, is to talk about the importance of asking for help, support, and just plain attention. To notice that the road to good work is one of being vulnerable, and standing in that sensation on the daily. To say, hey, look over here at what I did! 

Not easy.

All  my life, I have had a sparkly diva within who wanted to entertain you and make you smile. But like many of us, the world let me know that dream was for special people. And I had to agree, I was not only not special, I was the worst of the worst. My childhood was like that. Maybe yours was too. I didn't come out of it thinking I had a right to anyone's attention, or applause. And for sure, being vulnerable was as terrifying as stepping in front of a bus. Full of people who were laughing at me.

Since then, I've connected with the part of me that dreams of offering stories of value, of quality and meaning. I am learning, day by day, to show my desire for readers, for a community of followers. To state plainly, I would love it if you found value in my work. To many people this is a mundane dream. To me, it is the forbidden slope of a beautiful mountain I have been looking at wistfully, all my life. 

I am climbing it, step by step. I'd be honored if you would join me.