I had a client once who wanted help with her "addiction" to a video game. She came home from her job every night and played for half an hour. She'd wasted so many hours! She felt so terrible! Couldn't I get her to use her time more productively?

I wouldn't want to.

When we drilled deeper, it came out that video games helped her wind down after a long day. They helped her transition from the outside world to her own private domain. They accessed a side of her brain she liked using.  After her play time and a quick bite to eat, she was ready to settle in work. The arrangement worked beautifully. It was her self-criticism that caused problems.

Transitions can be tricky, because in that place of letting go of distraction and getting down to work, the whole subject of "excuses" and "discipline" waits to rush in, cloaked in righteousness. Learn what helps you, and forget how you think your habits "should" look. 

Let yourself get there in your own way.