There are facets to each of our personalities that appear and guide us. Some are wholly positive, the inner voice of "you can do it!" Others are negative, as in "Nothing ever goes your way."

But most are ambiguous, neither all good nor all bad, just invisible parts of our psyche that tend to protect the quivering, uncertain self within. 

Listening deeply to the impulses that make our under-the-radar decisions is difficult, but essential. Without self awareness, there is no true conscious choice. The trick is to understand where you got lost, deeply and intentionally. Commit to walking where you choose NOW. Then step forward.

I am deep into learning about my blocks around ambition. And let me tell you, I have some doozies.

When you think about putting yourself out there in the path of glory, or at least impact, who whispers in your ear? And is what that voice wants for you what you want for yourself?